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Alguém consegue me auxiliar. No UiPath Studio, como faço para obter os itens de uma fila do orchestrator em ordem do mais antigo para o mais novo ?


  1. Use the “Get Queue Items” activity to retrieve the items from the queue. By default, this activity returns the items in the order they were added to the queue.
  2. Store the retrieved queue items in a variable of type IEnumerable<QueueItem>.
  3. Sort the items in the variable based on their creation date in ascending order (oldest to newest). You can use the LINQ extension methods for this purpose.For example, to sort by creation date assuming your variable is named queueItems:

queueItems = queueItems.OrderBy(Function(x) x.CreationTime)
Now, the queueItems variable contains the queue items in the desired order (oldest to newest).

Tentei o que sugeriu, porém apareu o seguinte erro:
Erro(s) de compilador encontrado(s) ao processar a expressão
“queueltems.OrderBy(Function(x) x.CreationTime)•.(2) : error BC30456:
“CreationTime” não é um membro de -Queueltem”.

Please tell us which Version of the UiPath.System.Activities is used within your project, Thanks

Studio 2023.4.3 Enterprise License

As an alternate you can use the Orchestrator API endpoint:

We would recommend

  • to apply some filters e.g which Queue
  • using select to reduce the transfered data
  • and can order it directly of afterward with a LINQ

were asking for this:

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