Queue item status is failed need to retry the same activity and change the status back to successful

That will not work also eventhough manual activity will not work regardless. i need something to understand this has been retried N number of time so we can delete it as it’s not needed anymore.

can you please elaborate on this. Will i be able to add a comment of exception and retries and make an update on a queue item that is already added?

You can check with the VIEW DETAILS for each of the retried items to understand how many times and when was retried

Or u can get the list of such items from api as well check this out

For more details


can you please elaborate on how i can do this. what sate the transaction has to be to do this?


Please check this…I ave explained on how to manually retry as you need…you can add postpone as well if you dont want to retry imeediatey

Alternately if instead of setting to failed…use conditions to check the error messages and postpone the items…this way no new item is also needed


  • Use Get Queue Itemsactivity to get the failed items.
  • Loop through them and check if you want to retry it or not.
  • For those that you need to retry:
    – Use Postpone Transaction to change status to New. (You can set postpone time to Now so that it will get reprocessed immediately).
    – Use api to post a comment to the transaction item. This will be displayed in the Orchestrator for the transaction item.