Queue item processing issue


I have a queue with 5 rows and used get queue items activity to retrieve data from the queue.

When i am looping through the queue item, the order in which i get the data gets jumbled.

For eg: If the data is in the order : Name1,Name2,Name3,Name4,Name5 respectively , the order in which i get the data is Name5,Name4,Name1,Name2,Name3 from the queue.

Please suggest a solution.

Thank you.

Hi , can you please put the screenshot of how you are converting data from queue item to Actual Data
So that can suggest a solution

Hi @vinay_reddy

The data comes from database. So i using query i have converted the data to a datatable.

Then using Bulk Add items i have uploaded in the queue.
Also tried the same with Add Queue item but the results remains the same.

For the same when i use get transsaction item i get the result in the correct manner.

Hello @Arunvs2007

When the data is retrieved from the database, I think the data is not getting extracted in the order you need. Use a order by statement in your sql, or use a sort activity for the datatable before adding the data to the queue and see whether it works

Hi @Arunvs2007,

I faced the same issue today. Items in the queue are in the order I loaded but when fetching them out using ‘Get Queue Items’ activity, they’re not coming in an order.

I had to rely on the method ‘QueueDefinitionId’ as it’s unique for the items in queue and will be in order as we loaded the items. Using this Id, I have sorted the data (by putting it into datatable and sorted it using ‘Sort Data Table’ activity) and now the data in the order I uploaded.

Please share the solution here, if you have already got any other than this :slightly_smiling_face: