Queue and Attended Automation?

Hi I want to build an attended automation where the robot needs to get some Fields like “Country” “Customer ID” from Human User and continue working and submitting the data in a system.

I need to have a report which can show the different countries that were processed often for example “Japan” “USA” and so on.
I want also to see the different execution of the attended Robot with (Name of Human User, ID, Time, Status…)
Which Scenario will be a good solution here?

  • Should I use a queue? and set the reference as a country?

-or I have to work with Logs? but how to know how many executions did succeedor fail?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to community

You can use queue if you have orchestrator,

Queue is best solution if you want the transactions report and the success fail report

You can make Reference as Country, so that when you use for reporting then you can filter based upon the Country

Hope this helps you


Hi Thank you

Yes we have Orchestrator, but if I will do it with Add Log Fields it will also be possible to track it as transaction is or I’m wrong? with Insights or any Analytics Tool?
We have Cloud-automation do you know if Insights can work on Cloud Automation ?

Thanks in advance,