Questions view improvements

Not sure if this is the right place, please move if needed.

  1. Could we get a multi-line control for asking Questions? It’s unwieldy right now.
  2. When a question is too long it gets cut off without any indication that it is cutoff (edited 3 times before realizing it just trimmed display). Can we get the standard […] / readmore if it’s trimmed?

Hi @andrzej.kniola - could you give me an example? which component did you post on and how long was the question?

It was on the test framework ( and probably too long for a question, but I wanted to clear some things out before doing a rated review.
But even for shorter ones being able to break the line would help in readability.

Hi @andrzej.kniola,
Thanks for your interest and very thorough question/review on the component, really appreciate your enthusiasm!
Having said that, the Questions area was never meant for extensive reviews such as yours. For now, three things I can tell you: (1) I would advise you use the “Report a bug” button on the right hand side to send feedback like that to the author (currently an unidirectional option I’m afraid); (2) we’re planning in the future to have an integration with the Forum, where each component has its own space for “Community support” (please bare with us, I don’t have a date yet); and (3) I will take your feedback about the question box, will make it multi-line and also put a limit to the number of characters for now :slight_smile:

Would be nice if when the author replies, the person asking gets a notification as well - I only got one for asking the question, not when it was answered.
For using Report a bug, ok, I’ll keep that in mind, although as you mentioned a discussion topic would be good.
Maybe a suggestion to uploaders to create a topic in the component section and link it in description for now, until you get it in place?
It would also help with new component visibility as it’s hard to see when something is added.

Yeah, that one might’ve been a little too long :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly when posting I was wondering if it would even go through. Now I know it will not in the future.

Side question - can a review’s score be altered afterwards? If yes, that feedback could be a review no problem and if author can comment on it, the situation could work out naturally (I really admit - forcing it to be a question was… well, forcing it. But I wanted to give a response option before reviewing to make sure I understand why things are like that).