Questions on click activity (No need to attach solution or any files, for understanding)

Hi guys! Quick question why sometime the click activity can work for today but when run the next day having error like cannot find, etc? I just need to know for understanding and in the near future, this forum maybe for there are some people also facing the problem as me.



Could you please make selector dynamic for that click activity and then it work fine.

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It happens when there’s some change in the web page, So in that case need to use some dynamic selector to work it for every time,
Sometimes selector is having “idx” or “cls” attribute and their values are not same everytime, which keep on changing. So try to make a selector without that attribute as sometimes idx value changes with each refresh.

This will help you to make your selector dynamic.

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Hi @phoenix123,

Can you provide the selector for click activity for the first time you are indicating?


The folder name for the Double Click is File_testing. FYI


@lakshman @samir hey guys, thanks for your quick reply appreciate for your help and I will try making selector dynamic sorry for the late reply as I was doing other task assigned by my boss.

Hi @phoenix123,

You have to remove cls, ctrlId, automationID attributes

and there is unique attribute called text which represent the file name that you have to use, refer to the below selector its one of the folder in my desktop and it has text attribute

In the last your selector should look like below

Dont care about app and aaname attribute in my selector and use yours aaname and app attribute only

where text attribute represents the file name


@anil5 Something like this?

Yes, you cached the point, and to make the selector better you can remove cls attribute and name attribute.

Now just change the file name and provide a different file name and see whether its validating or not if its validating your click activity should work and this selector will be your dynamic selector and you pass file names each time you want to click a different file.


Hi @phoenix123,

Is the above solution working?

@anil5 yup is working right now, thanks!
@lakshman @samir thank you guys for your contribution to this post also!


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