Questions: Installer Front Office Robot / Installation instructions

It’s definitely the typical (and also recommended) setup to have Orchestrator separately. With newer versions as App Service or a dedicated server (cluster/failover etc.).

No, you don’t RDC to Orchestrator, you connect to it like a webpage.
I’d recommend going through the Orchestrator training in Academy and/or this: Introduction

Orchestrator is the central hub for robots. Having it on each machine would defeat the purpose.


Oh okay…i got it!
Thanks to both of you. @andrzej.kniola @richarddenton :slight_smile:

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hello @andrzej.kniola, @richarddenton, @aksh1yadav,

Could someone please guide me how to run a published package from the DEV machine on TEST machine without Orchestrator.

I do not have UIpath Studio or Orchestrator configured.

I only have UIpath back end Robot running in system tray on TEST server.

hello all,
could someone let me know if i can use uipath studio where only licensed attended bot is installed?
I have installed licensed uipath studio on other laptop for development.

Hi guys,

How do you think it would help you if UiPath Robot had its own installer?

Thank you,