Questions about Uipath Level 3 This URL is always how the white screen should be solved I don’t know if it’s my problem or the url problem. Please help me to work hard for one afternoon but I have nothing to gain


It’s working fine from my end. May be you are entering wrong vendor ID I guess.

NONONO If you enter the wrong supplier ID, he is unable to run.

HI @WangJidong

At what point does it exactly go into this unauthorized screen?

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Click add vendors


Could you please reset ACME data and then try once.

I have tried it, but it has no use.


If you don’t mind could you please share your ACME Credential with me and will check and update you.

Ping me your credentials personally but not here.

yes i can

Hi @WangJidong

I don’t think you can access the add vendors option. Its disabled for me as well… you can only search for vendors.

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But the college’s requirement is to add vendors, so I’m also very upset.


As @Lahiru.Fernando said, we can’t add new vendors to this. We can search and work with existing Vendors only.

But The Uipath Level 3 ass2 needs to add a vendor, academy needs


No. In that assignment, they did not mention like Add Vendor. Could you please show me where you found that thing in that walk through document.