Questions About StudioX found in Dumps of RPA Exam Questions

Hi, I know its not mentioned in the Syllabus of the RPA Associate exam about asking question related to Studio X but I just wanted to make sure that it wont be asked in the exam because I did found lots of question related to StudioX in exam dumps!! Also iI wanted to ask about the difficulty level of the questions in RPA Associate exam compared to the practice test given at the end of the RPA Founder Training course. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Shreyas_Khorgade

Don’t worry there is no Studio X question in the RPA Associate exam. You can neglect those questions and concentrate on studio, assistant and Orchestrator.

I have attempted the associate exam I didn’t get any questions from Studio X. We will get only questions based on the syllabus only.

Hope it helps!!

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Thanks a bunch!! Also can you tell the increase in difficulty level of the actual exam compared to the practice test?

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There would not be any studiox related question

for detailed syllabus check this…this will have all info

and also questions would be almost at same level as the exam


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If you go through the RPA Foundation module and concepts in the Syllabus.
You crack the exam easily, yes some more difficulty than the practice test. @Shreyas_Khorgade

All the best for your exam!!

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Thank you very much!!

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Thank you for mark my solution as solution… @Shreyas_Khorgade

Happy Automation!!

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