Questions about licensing

Hello everyone!

I’m currently using a Pro Trial license and I want to buy enterprise licenses, but I have some questions.

We currently have some simple automations running in our environment and we have already quoted the Automation Developer and Unattended robot licenses, that would be enough for us. As the Pro Trial license does not have the nonproduction robot license, we were not using it, so we came across a situation where we will need this license.

My question is if we buy the Unnatended Robot and Automation Developer licenses, do we also need to purchase the nonproduction robot? I already read the page but it was not very clear to me. Another question, how many tenants can I enable in the automation cloud with these licenses? Currently i can enable one for each environment (dev, test and production)

Hey @Fernando_Barbosa

Non-Production robots are just for trial and development purposes.

If you have something to be developed and tested in un-attended fashion the non-prod license can be used.


Thanks @Nithinkrishna !

We will use the non-prod license for exactly that, but we don’t know if they come with the automation developer and unattended robot licenses or if we will have to purchase them individually. Another question is whether we can enable more than one tenant in the automation cloud only with the non-prod, automation dev and un-attended robot licenses. Do you know about it?

Thanks again!

This is correct.

Yes of course.

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