Questions about Automatic Tagging of the document by Acrobat

I am currently trying to develop a robot which can save the specified pdf email attachments, extract information out from them, and save into an excel worksheet. This should be quite straightforward, but I met a problem with Adobe Acrobat.
In my workflow, after I save the attachments from outlook, I will open it using Acrobat and try to use Anchor Bases and Get Text to extract some information and save them into an excel file. However, every time when I am first opening Acrobat, the scraping process fails as the document has not been read and tagged properly. I need to go to settings in Preferences → Accessibility, uncheck and then check the “Enable assistive technology support” option to make Acrobat read and tag the document… This is not intuitive as I won’t always keep a configured Acrobat program running in the background…
I have tried to google but I cannot find a way to solve this… I would really appreciate any help you all offer!