Questions(3), How to in UiPath VB Apps?

Hello @Luis_Fernando ,

Please review the following instructions:

  1. To conceal the grid, follow these steps:

    • Create a List source app variable within your application.
    • Set the list source variable in the payload or where needed, based on specific filters.
    • In the “Edit Grid” section, navigate to the “Hidden” category.
    • Implement the following condition: If({AppVariable.TotalRecords = 0, True, False).
      This condition checks if the total records are zero, in which case the grid will be hidden. If there are more records, the grid will be displayed.
  2. Similar to Step 1, you can create a List source app variable. Set the value of the list source by applying filters to the desired calls. Then, in a label, you can use {AppVariable}.TotalRecords or {AppVariable}.data.count. Alternatively, you can implement client-side filtering and count. Please note that “TotalRecords” provides the total count from the server, while “count” will give you only the count of the first 1000 returned records and you can on client side filter

  3. Tooltips are informational messages that appear when you set them and hover over the corresponding field. To provide further clarification, consider the example of an input control. If you want to display a detailed message for the user as information, you can set a tooltip. Users can then hover over the control to access the informative message.

I hope this explanation is clear to you.

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