Question with folder path

I am following UIpath Training Lesson 9 Practice 2 walkthrough and notice I cannot set the folder path in read/write/append range function.
My version:

Uipath tutorial version:

I also checked the properties panel but there’s no field for me to input the file path…



There are 2 set of activities for Excel… Excel Application and Workbook. The Workbook activities work outside of the Excel Application scope (but have their limitations), and the Excel activities need to be inside the Excel Application scope.

The Workbook activities will have a property for Filepath, whereas the Excel ones use the filepath from the Excel scope since they will be inside the scope.

I hope that helps answer your question. You need to use the Workbook Read Range to get the filepath property



Thanks! This helps a lot!

Can I maybe suggest that they either change the icon or label it something else. I can see how this is confusing, especially if you have both in your favorites bar