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I have question but not getting clarity for those

  1. Difference between attended and understand robots
  2. Difference between xlsx and cvc files
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let me clarify one by one

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The following official document will help you.


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Attended Robot:

  1. User Interaction: Attended robots work alongside human users. They are typically deployed on an employee’s workstation and assist the user with repetitive tasks.

  2. Human Control: Attended robots require human intervention and supervision. They can execute tasks on-demand or in response to specific user actions.

  3. Limited Autonomy: These robots perform tasks as directed by the user and cannot operate independently. They rely on user input to initiate and complete tasks.

  4. Example: Attended robots are often used for tasks like data entry, data validation, data extraction, and other tasks that involve manual data manipulation. They can also be used for tasks that require human judgment or decision-making.

  5. Benefits: Attended robots can improve the efficiency and accuracy of human workers by handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more valuable work.

Unattended Robot:

  1. No Human Interaction: Unattended robots operate without human intervention or supervision. They are typically deployed on servers or virtual machines and can run scheduled or triggered automation processes.

  2. Autonomous: These robots can execute tasks independently and do not require user input to initiate or complete processes. They can work 24/7 without interruption.

  3. Example: Unattended robots are commonly used for batch processing, data extraction from large datasets, report generation, and other tasks that can be automated without human involvement.

  4. Benefits: Unattended robots can significantly reduce operational costs by automating high-volume, repetitive tasks that would otherwise require human resources. They can work around the clock, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Difference between xlsx and csv -

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