Question related to Uipath Design using Queue

Hi - need a design suggestion, I have a scenario where I have list of currency’s and convert to particular currency rate and get the value from SAP and and write the value in an excel sheet .

I thought of not using Queue to load the list of currency, because we just get the conversion rate and paste the value in Excel against the currency ,so rather thought of having a build datatable with currency list and loop through that currency - which one be a better option ? any suggestion .

@monishanair2010 In my view using queue is a better if a particular currency failed we can continue with the next.

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Sreejith S S -agreed, even if we loop the list we can still go to next even if it fails right ?

Yes we can.
But according to me using queue is a much better choice rather than using a loop.

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Hi Monisha @monishanair2010 ,

It all depends upon what policies you are being instructed to follow.

If you are allowed to choose whatever approach you like, and if you feel much comfortable in not using queues for this usecase, then you can go with the approach you just defined. It’s totally up to you.

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