Question regarding Date Format in Google Forms

Hi, im currently working on a process that aims to fill out a Google forms sheet online but I can`t select the field properly.

This is the field i try to select:

I use a “type into” activity and try to select the field in which i want to type into, which works fine:

Unfortunately, my robot doesn`t write anything in the field, because i would have to click into the “TT” which is impossible to select that with the Selector of the “Type into” activity

Any solutions?

Thank you!

Hi Fabian,

We can try enabling “Click before Typing” option in “Type into” activity properties panel
as :


Hi Shaf,

thx for your answer. Unfortunately it also doesnt work with "ClickBeforeTyping" as the robot doesnt klick on TT but in the center of the field.

regards Fabian