Question regarding advanced training level3 for assignment1-confirmation code is not receiving for reset password in

Can any one suggest how to reset my password in to continue to level 3 assignments.In level 3 advanced training certification for assignment1 ,forgot password mail is not triggering.

Hi - Just click on Forgot password link(Yellow highlighted).


I have tried that a number of times. Doesn’t seem to work. No confirmation code is being sent to the registered email ID. @badita @ovi you guys have any idea why this is happening?

Ya.code is not receiving.I have raised ticket t o uipath support team.They changed and mailed to my email id.

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I’m trying to do the same thing. However, I’m stuck since raising a ticket requires you to provide your licence number, and I don’t know where to get that from. I’m running a community version. @ddpadil Do you know where I can get it?

I am also using community need to give license number.Open uipath helpdesk & fill form.submit.

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I also cannot log in to ACME System 1 with my previous user-ID/password.
Does anybody know how I raise a helpdesk ticket? - I can’t find the helpdesk request form?
PS - I have tried the password reset form but I don’t receive any email.

Ya.mail is not triggering.I raised ticket from this

Team responded after 1 week and changed my password for that account.Then i am able to login.Try this way.