Question: Recomendation for building Production Platform. (Web Application and ElasticSearch)

Hi there,

I am new to UiPath and working on setting up UiPath v2016.2 platform for Production environment (Robots#5 and potential to grow to 30 in next few years).

Question: Do you recommend to separate ElasticSearch component out off Web Application host? How much resource consumption the Elasticsearch component naturally? (for example it always reserve some amount of memory to build up index cache etc…)

As in evaluation period, I set Web Application + ElasticSearch (Kibana) in a single VM (8 *2.4 core, RAM 32GB, HDD 250GB). However, I couldn’t be able to test the full load of the Elasticserach resource consumption. So, the v2016.2 Architecture reference may not have actually mention on small environment option where components could combine into a single server.

My option to start building Production Platform -

  • Web Application + ElasticSearch (with Recommended server 8*2.4 Ghz, RAM 32GB, HDD 300GB.
  • SQL (8*2.4 Ghz, RAM 32 GB, HDD 800GB)

Thank you very much.

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My guess is that what you have (a single server) is more than enough for #5 - #10 robots.

Thanks Badita :bulb: