Question on setting up UiPath Robot as a Webhook Receiver of external events?

Looking to setup a demo of creating a Outlook365 outbound webhook where a mailbox getting new email will trigger a UiPath workflow. So a UiPath Robot or something in front of it is the webhook receiver.

Nothing in the immediate UiPath content suggests anything relevant. However, going into the Studio Package Manager, it does show a Nuget .NET package called “Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks Receiver for Generic Webhooks”. The Microsoft web page ASP.NET bundle makes it appear that it can do what I think I want to do.


  • Email hits Office365 mailbox
  • Webhook event is sent out to the Receiver
  • Receiver sends it to a Handler (according that ASP.NET web page) and something happens
  • In my case, UiPath will read the mailbox pulling down the new email message(s).

Has anyone done anything with Office365 like the above using webhooks and/or used that ASP.NET package in Studio for such Webhook processing ?

From my research, looks like one approach is something like Outlook365 Mail to Ngrok (cuz the instance I’m working on is onprem) to a Python Webhook Listener which triggers an Orchestrator workflow.

In the first video, you will see how Use Orchestrator Webhooks in Power Automate:

In the second video you can see how I use the Slack Webhooks to communicate with UiPath:

If you want to trigger a robot from OutLook check this video:

Cristian Negulescu