Question on scrapping data from SlickGrid rows - can be done but VERY SLOW and tedious

This is not a question technically on how to get UiPath to scrap data from rows in SlickGrids (SlickGrid Home … I think this is what the vendor solution I’m dealing with is using. Conceptually it fits regardless of if it is or not.). I painfully figured that out. Why is it slow ? In my implementation of a solution to get 100 unique rows of data, 221 “row scraps” have to happen and that take 8 minutes per block of 100. That in the use case of having 190,000+ rows to deal with in my development environment

Before anyone asks, the Extract Data activity can not handle SlickGrid data structures. They are not HTML tables nor remotely related as I can see it. A SlickGrid “table” (aka grid) is a heavy CSS stylesheet derived SECTION and DIV element layout (my really bad personal understanding as I’m not a web developer). So stacking of selectors within UiPath activities is required and the selectors are LONG. I think what SlickGrid does is really, well, slick. But from a RPA standard, it is brutally painful to deal with currently both technically and performance wise.

So my question is this. I’m curious on the market’s usage of SlickGrid. Is SlickGrid on the rise or is it just more of a spotty use case type HTML development solution ?