Question on Number type

I’m in StudioX.
I have an Excel with only two columns and multiple rows. It has headers (InvType and Quantity)
InvType is a text describing the inventory (e.g. Warehouse 1) and Quantity is just a number (e.g. 10, 16, 100 etc).
In the Excel file, the Quantity column is mentioned as ‘General’. I want to convert the column into ‘Number’ via StudioX.
I use the Format Cells activity to do so. But it does not let me pick ‘Quantity’ as a column rather it takes the entire Sheet.
Can someone please assist here ? Thank u.

@Prinal_C - Could you please share the sample sheet?

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@prasath17 The ‘Quantity’ is set to General. I want to make it Number using StudioX.

@Prinal_C - I just tried this…



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@prasath17 did that [Excel] Sheet2!B:B appear itself or did you have to type in ?

@Prinal_C - I did this…



Use indicate in excel to indicate the range

@prasath17 not sure why my ‘Indicate in Excel’ not working. I mean, when I click it, it opens the Excel but I cannot select the Column.

@studioX any reason why ‘Indicate in Excel’ should not work ?

@Prinal_C - when the excel opens after the choosing “Indicate in Excel”, Do you have see the below image with UiPath Excel Add in??

@prasath17 … I do not see that image on the top and that’s a problem I want to solve. Excel Add-In is installed on my computer. Yet I’m not able to see it.

@Prinal_C - It’s right here…

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