Question on maximum number of machine that can created and run in a account

I am confused of how many machine that an account can created.I want all machine can work well at same time. So what is the maximum number of machine that an account can hold?


You can create β€˜N’ no. of machines in one account and it’s depends on how many licenes you took it.

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At default, how many license do I have?

I want a user to use my account for running the robot.
He want to download uipath Robot software.

Is that inside my account, there is no any download link for him?
He need to create an account in Uipath, then download the community edition, then use the uipath robot software to connect to my account?

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Hello @Emily_Yip

There is no limitation to the number of machines you can have in one account. However, this is limited based on the number of robot licenses you have
Since you mentioned about the community edition, the community edition orchestrator has 2 attended robot licenses and 1 unattended robot license. You can connect two to three machines with this.

If this is ti perform some actions in your company, I suggest to create a new common account with the company name so that the user can connect to that account instead of yours. And you will have your free robots available for development

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