Question on Level 1 Foundation Training - 2018.3


I encountered this error message while completing Lesson 3 Practice 1 (of the RPA Level 1 Foundation Training). I am not sure what went wrong, as I followed the Lesson Walkthru’ Could anybody help please? Thanks much

@GreyYellow_H_M - Can you attach your workflow here for more details.

This error is regarding type conversion from int to string else you can define firstname and lastname as generic type variable.

Hey @GreyYellow_H_M,

This workflow Image you attached seems to have everything correct.

Can you check for these:

  • Check If you are using For Each Row activity from DataTable Tree.
  • Try changing the firstName or lastName variable to ‘int32’ and ‘String’ back again.(works for me somethimes)
  • You can use index of column instead of column name. e.g. row(1).ToString (1 being the first column in that row)

If these doesn’t work, please share you workflow. We can get it cleared.

Hi @GreyYellow_H_M,

Sometimes the error doesnt vanish even if we change it to correct variable type
I would suggest to delete the both lastname and firstname assign activity and also delete the variables ,recreate it once again and give the scope accordingly.
even then If it doesnt work then please attach your workflow.

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