Question on free community edition


I am just 10 days old having learnt RPA and UIPath studio.
I have free Community edition and learnt some automation steps but needed better understanding between capabilities of Enterprise edition vs the free edition.

I was proposing idea to my chief executives about the need for RPA/UiPath in our organization. For that I showed some sample programs to them but need better understanding.

With a Java background and using free community edition, can we create a package like executable jar with UiPath?
I am a developer having UiPath on my machine. Can the sample code I create be run on business team machine (non dev background). Or do they also need to have something installed on their machine like jre to run, or the complete UIPath studio to be installed on their machine?

Thanks for answering in advance

Hi @gagan1,

Community Version and Enterprise version is almost similar, only difference is community version is released every month with new updates, and for every 4 months enterprise edition is released with the stable updates.

If the program you are developing in uipath requires Java or JRE to be installed then same requirements should be installed on business machine for the program to work like Java or JRE.
And you dont have to install Uipath studio in client machine, you just have to install Uipath Robot and after you publish the process you developed in local machine you can use that nuget package and provide it to your client and he can run from the robot tray.

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