Question on creating list

I have a list like that:

I want to produce the result string like that:
[#11111111 uu][#11111111 tt]

eg: [#11111111#22222222][uu-tt]
and produce [#11111111 uu][[#11111111 tt] [#22222222 uu][#22222222 tt]

I am not sure how to produce that, Can someone help me?


Which datatype it is?

it is two string list.
I want the first list element will show on every list when combine list2.
[a][b,c] -> [a,b][a,c]


Check this xaml, I dont think we can create dynamic variables in UiPath. Here in your scenario we need to create multiple List based on the list elements count, so instead of creating lot of variables, I have created a List<List> as lstResult, where the final result will be available.

CreatList.xaml (7.3 KB)