Question on Backend data


I am wondering about the data which gets stored at the backend.

For example -

  1. we are extracting the data from input excel or csv.
  2. we are storing it in data table with the variable created.

There should be a definite database to store all these values , If I am right

My question here is -
Where will be the data stored? Is there any backend place?
Is there any way to query and take out the data from that place?
How can I check the values which gets stored in that place?

Answers are much appreciated.


Firstly the if you are using excel or csv sheet the , you use read range activity to read that data, the data is saved in a data table variable , then you can use filter table activity or select function with assign activity to retrieve the filtered data from excel sheet,
For your third question you can use write range property to store only filtered or selected data in a new excel or csv sheet.
If you still have any query , you are free to ask.

The question what I am trying to ask is slightly different.

I want to know where the data’s will be stored at backend?

I know the data’s are stored in data table where we can filter out the data based on our preference but the question here is can we see those data in structured format or it is just virtual?


You will need to store that data into a physical file and in a network location that is shared to the users needing to access that data. You don’t want to store the data locally (like C drive) because in the backend, it will be using a machine or user where data should not be stored in.

So the answer would be that you need to use a Write Range or Write CSV, or something to store the data to a physical file. And, use a filepath to a network location that can be accessed by everyone who needs it.