[Question] in excel automation

I have a question?
I have 1 excel file In that Sheet1 and Sheet2 are their Sheet1 one have 6 columns and sheet2 have 4 columns after that in the sheet1 we have a name, id, email id, phone number, and attachment is there. in sheet2 we have 4 columns name, id, email id, attachment.
we have to extract from both name, ID, email-Id, Attachment only
Here we have to read two sheets and we have to extract from both like the same columns we have to extract and place in another excel file from sheet one and sheet two.

Sheet1 + Sheet2 Put it in Another excel file

Hope I get a replay from you peoples

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Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes did u mean you need to append the excel files together into single datatable?

Hi, Thanks for your replay if u don’t mind can please elaborate that one

Chethan P

Well I could see only five columns in Sheet1 so I created a workflow accordingly. Look into it, that might solve your problem.Excel_Connect.zip (33.5 KB)

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Just follow the below steps.

  • Select the whole column of the first sheet ( call Sheet 1) by mouse click or by pressing Ctrl + Space
  • Now copy the selected column by pressing Ctrl + C
  • Go to the sheet where you want to copy the whole column (Let’s say Sheet 2)
  • Now Select the whole column of sheet 2 by pressing Ctrl + Space and add the copied column by Ctrl + +.
  • Or instead of step 4, go to the first cell of the column of sheet 2 and press Ctrl + V.

Let me know if this was useful.