Question: how to convert pdf to Excel

Hi guy,

is there anyway for pdf to convert to excel following the exact same formats ?

to excel ?

i try use csv but is horrible i get all in 1 column tab
in my excel basically it going to have 6 Column

you can ignore the title GA - Mapping of GCA

Hi @xxGoRpa ,
If you try read pdf then generate data, it not keep format,
You can use extract data
but to detail, can you share file, I will test it?


Did you try with this custom component from UiPath marketplace

Cheers @xxGoRpa

sure i can send u the file but please delete it as it contain some sensitive user name if possible

GA - Mapping of GCA.pdf (327.8 KB)

currently my UiPath is controlled by the administrator where i arent allow to install from the UiPath marketplace first…

Hi @xxGoRpa ,
Can you see my output

my file input
GA - Mapping of GCA.pdf (327.8 KB)
my zip (211.8 KB)

hope it help

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Also not compatible with windows projects

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