Question form data

Hello everyone, colleagues, I have the following novelty with my automation, I need to consult the sheet file of an account carried out, at the moment of obtaining the information I use the clean range and delete range activities to leave the sheet file empty again, but when entering a new record through the form, this record is entered in the row immediately before the previously deleted rows, that is


Can you try using write range with empty data with only the headers…



can you try to set your starting cell as “A2” in the write range activity


What happens is that the data entry is through the google form, and it is for this reason that what I am saying happens, when I program the assistant to eliminate the rows detected at the time of execution, in the next execution when someone enters a new data to the sheet through google form, the new record will be entered in the row that followed the data that was previously deleted


did you try instead deleting the entire data from the sheet, just delete the sheet, and then creating it again?


So fir the same reason try with a empty datatable…so that the previous data will be completely replaced