I have the following Excel file, from which I get the information through my automation made in Uipath.

The problem is once the automation is executed, I want my format to look like this:


That is, erasing the blank spaces that have no information. And with their corresponding vignettes where they correspond.

The error is that it looks like the following, I attach an image:

How could I solve the aforementioned?

I attach a screenshot of my HTML code as well.

@ppr I have decided to create another forum, in case it works for someone and because it is a somewhat complex problem.

If you could help me it would be great !!

If you could check my automation code it would be very good for me! I was trying to add with IF, what you told me earlier but it didn’t work for me!

I attach my code (49.6 KB)

in case of you have the chance to get control on Excel
and can do following:

fill blank (line Leonardo) with point 1
fill blank (line Nicolas) with point 3
(Does mean fill up all values where we have to look upper to where it belongs)

then the complexitiy is reduced.

If this is not possible then we do automate it.

Once it is done then we can group important and subimportant data and can create the lists

You say that if I have control of my excel, combine the blank cells?

And in case of not having control, how would the process be?

and how would be the way to group “important and sub important” data. I was trying to do what I detailed at the beginning of the post, that is, to put bullets and within them the “important sub points” (where necessary).

give me some time i will work out later some starter help.

For grouping data also have alook here

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Lets assume following reduced sample data (similar to your excel parts)


Filling up the Puntos

current value = dtData.Rows(0)(“Puntos”).toString.Trim
Then: current value = row(“Puntos”).ToString

Part result:

Group the data and create inner html fragment and surround it by outer ul



For Quick prototyping LINQ was used but we can also decomposed LINQ part to essential activities

Find starter help here:
NestedList_From_DT_GroupByFillUp.xaml (10.6 KB)

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Hello good morning!

sorry for the delay in my reply, I was sick all this time. I’m going to test it to see if everything works perfectly for me, and thank you very much for all the help you provided !! As soon as I finish testing it, I close the forum, if I don’t have any errors!

“current value = dtData.Rows(0)(“Puntos”).toString.Trim”

I don’t understand this line of code, what does “Rows (0)” do, does it work with the value in the column “Points” row 0? And to that, it converts it to String and removes the spaces through the Trim function?

And finally, could you explain all this HTML code, line by line? There are things that they do not understand, more than anything to apply it to my existing HTML code and finish understanding it.


is initializing with the Puntos value from first row

for second have alook here to get introduced to LINQ

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