Question about UiPath Selector

I have a question is when the ‘click’ activity has been place outside the for loop, it works well. However, when I place it inside a for loop, it become right click the tab of the web browser but not the element I want.
Below ‘Cost Computation & Planned Runs’ is what I want to click and also the UIExplorer screenshot.

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can you show the selector inside the for loop? Is your for loop inside an attach browser?

this is the selector insdie the for loop. Yes, my for loop inside an attach browser

Can you maximize UiExplorer Please?


with the same UI Explorer opened and also the application in a opened stage with “Cost Computation & Planned Runs” visible, click on HIGHLIGHT option in UiExplorer.

See whether it is highlighting the element correctly
if its highlighting then fine, and share the property panel of the click activity

if not then reselect the same element and try once

Cheers @Xuan_Teo

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Sure, this the UiExplorer that have maximize

The Highlight option is highlighting the element correctly.
I did tried to change the simulateClick to true and false. When simulateClick is true, it will come out the problem of what I state at the topic. When is false, it would not come out the problem but would not perform click to the element as well.