Question about "type into" activities

Hi, I want to use “type into” activities to type text into applications. However, I could have several same applications open at the same time with the same name. For instance, I could open several matlab applications. But I only want to use the type into activity to one specify matlab. Can type into specify which matlab?

Hi @Mingyu_Yan

To do this I think you need to have different window title on matlab to specify which matlab you would be using type into activity.

For example, matlabl-project1, matlab-project2 etc.

Robin :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I actually use different name like matlab1 and matlab2. But I think type in cannot specify these correctly and will input to wrong matlab. For instance, I indicate on screen that I want to type into matlab1 but sometimes it will type into matlab 2

Try to customize your selector such that it contains the idx tag and the aaname correctly.
If you fix the selector it should work.

Hi @Mingyu_Yan ,

My approach would be to use the Attach Window activity in order to select the right application where do you want to use your type activity

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