Question about the UiPath Automation Developer Professional v1.0 Practice Test

Hi guys, there was a question in the practice test for the advanced developer certification that was like this:

*A developer is using the REFramework to create a process. In which state is the Queue Item Status updated to ““Failed””?
Set Transaction Status
Get Transaction Data
Process Transaction
End Process

I marked Process transaction since it is the state in which the status is updated but I got the answer as wrong, could anyone explain me why?

Hi @ahzaradsh

In the set transaction status xaml the queue item status will update as failed. In the System and Business exception the queue item will be update as Failed.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @mkankatala , thanks for the reply! Although it is true what you say, the question was “In which state…?” I know that the status is updated in the Set transaction status workflow but this workflow is within the Process Transaction state. That is the reason why I marked “Process Transaction” as answer, Set transaction status is not a state

Yes what you said is absolutely correct, the Set transaction xaml is inside the Process Transaction state. In the question they asked about the state then the Process Transaction state is correct answer. @ahzaradsh

Hi Ahzaradsh,

Your answer is correct because the question mentioned is ** Which state is the Queue Item status updated to “Failed”?

So Set Transaction is inside the process state

State= ‘Process state’

Transaction = ’ Set transaction’

Happy Automation