Question about size of data usage

Can additional context be given about the data usage max amount of 100 MB is this per interaction with a database or is it for all usage period.

Hi @alicia.mitchell, the data usage limit of 100 MB is the current limit of total data that can be stored on the service right now by each tenant. Basically, think of it as the total size of all records that you can store.

We will share more details around the limits and differences between community and enterprise accounts once the service is GA next week.

Thank you so much for advising me about this matter. Is it possible this service will at some point be à la carte service that can be individually upgraded with either the community or enterprise editions?

Yes, we will support higher limits with enterprise accounts and allow it to be scaled further.

Our current plan is to include data capacity with each paid Cloud Robot and Studio license which will be combined at the enterprise account level. We will have details released with our GA.

Please feel free to private message me if you want to discuss a particular scenario.