Question about selector

Hi all,
i’ve a selector like this:

< wnd app=‘collg.exe’ cls=‘Ct:Midframe’ isremoteapp=‘1’ title=‘processing of invoices: Market N°*’ />

I use the wildcard after N° because market N° may change every time i log in (is a citrix app).

My question is if it’s possible to store in a variable the number of market active during the session, i need that number, and how?

Thanks in advice

Do you mean like you would like get the value of the place where wildcard is used for a attribute
If so yes that’s possible
We can use GET ATTRIBUTE activity where we can mention the attribute name we want and get the output with a variable of type string that stores the value of that attribute

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @andreus91

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‘processing of invoices: Market N°* is the header of this program, so i put GET ATTRIBUTE and indicate with cv the program, but what i have to write in attribute to take the numbero of market?

i put “title” in the attribute and get the string then i’ll go with string manipulation?

Cheers @andreus91

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It works, but at last step i do this

numMarket <-> arrayNumMarket(7)

I need the numMarket in integer but is not possible to assign a string to an integer variable, how can i do that?

its like

Cheers @andreus91

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Thanks a lot

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