Question about PIP (Picture in Picture)


I want to know is it possiable to run PIP in Studio version 2019-10.2 Enterprise version?
As i can not find the PIP option in menu.


PIP was launched first as an experimental feature as part of the 20.4 release. Hence, I am guessing that you cannot run it in 2019.10

thanks anupam,

but is there any other feature available, where we can run a new instance of same machine when we are using RDA.
Means so we can work on same machine when RDA robot is running on an instance ?

Not that I know of - PIP was built to address exactly this gap, so I don’t know if there is any other alternative.

thanks aupam.

I need a new version :slight_smile: and I have asked for the new version :smile:. Thanks for fast reply.

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