Question about orchestrator scheduler and published code


I setup a schedule for a process in orchestrator to run daily but then later published a new version of that process. Does the scheduler get updated automatically when i set that process to the latest version? or do i need delete the old schedule and setup a new one for the version that i just published?

#Need Clarification please!

I hope, you can simply change the package version in the schedule to run the latest one in orchestrator @jswali. It will run the old package until you change it manually :slight_smile:

When I go to edit the schedule, It does not show package version only the process name with its environment?

Can the package in the processes pane, not in the schedules @jswali

Im not sure I understand what you are saying?

Sorry for the confusion, change the package version in the process you scheduled @jswali then it will run the new version package :slight_smile:

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Perfect this clears this up for me :slight_smile:

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