Question about Grouping Data

Please any Help I have this Excel and i need to group the data as


⦁ Requirement #1:
Only tasks of the year 2021 are to process
⦁ Requirement #2:
Tasks with the Taskname schema: LD#Q-C
L=Letter, D=Digit, Q=Digit representing a Quarter, C=Digit representing a counter
Are belonging to the following task:
Task with the same Year AND same LD AND same Quarter assigned to the particular Team
Example: B1#2-1 Year=2021, Quarter=2, Task=B1, Team as in the Team Column from B1#2-1
⦁ Assignment:
⦁ Group the relevant tasks on Year, Quarter and Team
⦁ Ensure that LD#Q-C tasks are correctly grouped as well
⦁ Sum up the amount for each group individually
Generate a Report with the Columns: Year,Quarter,Team,Amount
Each record of this report reflects the grouped data with the Year,Quarter, TeamID and Summed up amount of the tasks belonging to this group

i need to do this Today please any Help

Hello @Aramia ,

Have a look on this video, it will help you to do the grouping of data.


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