Question about compatibility with Citrix PVS and also trial license keys


Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Trial

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior: Not yet installed


Hi Everybody,

I am trying to start a pilot with the UIPath software and have applied for a trial key (twice). I received the email, but the space where the license key shoudl be is empty. Is there any other way to obtain a trial license key?

Also, i read in the online documentation that Installation on Citrix where the system changes computername during startup is not supported. We use Citrix provisioning services in a randon non persistant mode and the virtual desktops name does change during startup. Is Citrix PVS supported or is there any documentation available about it?

We user Citrix Xendesktop 7.15 with PVS 7.12 for Windows 10 VDI desktops.

thanks in advance!


Hi, just as i finished this post i received a trial key by email through support. So that’s taken care off. thanks.

The question about Citrix still stands tho, if anybody has any experience with it and wants to share that would be great :slight_smile: