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I just recieved my failed criteria can someone help me to understand them. I would really appreciate this.

Please make sure you’ve read the statement of the exercise and clearly understood it and also used the proper URL and credentials for ACME,

Here i used instead of so ok I understand that this can be a problem because in tutorial link is placed with https:// ( well it shouldn’t matter all works the same also without https direct stright to site with https protocol).

Whats wrong about credentials? In Value i used name of asset made in orchestrator they worked.

Please make sure you’re using the CloseAllApplications.xaml correctly as stated by the REFramework tutorial. ,
What about this? I looked on pdfs in Reframework tutorial and there are things like this below:

And here is my

Please make sure you have properly named your input activities.,
Please make sure you have properly named your output activities.,

Those two are about renaming activites/sequences I didn’t renamed them so ok i get it.

Please make sure you’re using the most optimal and correct way of interacting with your queue items.,

In pdf’s they are using in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("…").ToString
I used same configuration like above.

What is more optimal way to use queue items?

Check for validation of correct items

Also what about this? I’ve if condition which if is met it sets Transaction Status. It have to be correct to Set Transaction to successful. On the other hand there is Throwing BRE exception with setting transaction to failed.

Can someone more experienced explain me this?


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lets get to this one by one

kindly use the mentioned URL in PDD so that we wont face this issue for this and i believe without https:// wont impact much but, why so, lets add it and its a good practice to have secure http connection always
and coming to credential make sure that you have used the same login credential in acme same as in uipath academy as well
that the credentials should be same in both acme and uipath academy login

This implies that we need to have mentioned the close application or kill process for all the applications that we have used in this process
to be clear the application that we have opened in this process with open application or start process must be closed in the workflow without anything left

we should have maintained the naming standards like the variable should be named with datatype in front of the variable name like this if its a integer then int_variablename and if its a string then str_variablename and maintain camel case method and if its argument mention the direction in front like this in_argumentname and out_argumentname

optimal way in the sense use it at correct position and correct number of times
make sure that the queues are named properly

i think this is not the condition been referred to and this condition looks fine
may be we need to look on to other if condition or validation been used in the process

thats all no worries
you were almost done only small corrections to be done
hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Alko

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Thanks for replay @Palaniyappan ,

When I look on those mistakes they where stupid.

But well I took second attemp and right now I’M CERTIFIED! :smiley:


Cheers @Alko

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