Question about a specific automation scenario

I have just my introduction program through your Youtube videos.
I started to practice on my own.

My specification:
Develop an automation for task, that copies data from a website and save it on a directory on your computer. Then send a notification email to a specified email address. This certificate should be downloaded to times in a year.


  1. Amount of Medical certificates that comes in form january to june is unknown.
  2. Patient’s Names on the madical certificate are not known at the time of excuting the program.

I have develop a bot that opens the website with username, passord and onetime code which is sent to the user by SMS. The bot then click the download image and save it on a Directory on my computer.

But my loop does not work. It keeps on clicking the same image. I found out that OCR image Activity should be unique. Then I tried click image Activity, this did’nt work either. But no error Message.
Can any one corrrect me please, for the loop to download the rest of the Medical certificates.

Attached is the Outline: