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what is the meaning of assiging 0 for io_RetryNumber in the GetTranactionNumber workflow? @KarthikByggari


It means you are telling the workflow do not retry the transaction.

Karthik Byggari

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Means if the robo is processing the item Id suppose 10001 it’s not repeating it once it’s processed right? Right me if I am wrong bro?

If processed or if some error (application exception) occurred, you are setting do not retry.


I understood this one,
Just I want to know the second point here.
Here I’m using AddingLogs Activity. So where I can see this updation somewhere it’s writing/updating.

In the yellow color Arguments name, Are we calling these Name Arguemnts or what, If I can see this in the yellow color the argument name is mentioned somewhere or we have to write these value defualt. where these value updating the value???

Bro can you tell me one more thing

You can find the log information in the Robot logs.

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Means Orchestrator or LogsFile?

Both Log files and also in the orchestrator logs.

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