Query related to Service Now, and version selected while adding package

Hi All,

I have few questions

  1. While adding new package via Manage Package is it recommended to select “Lowest Applicable Version” over “Strict”. Reason is, when we select Strict and Upgrade the version of UiPath Studio, then my understanding is we have to manually click on each package again in bot project and reinstall. Is this correct? My worry is, I dont want the existing bot to break if the bot is in production and versions are upgraded.
  2. I am using UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities in a bot project and I plan to deploy this bot to production. Is it okay to use this for production. I feel this package is very useful and easy to use hence wanted to double check.
  3. To integrate with Service-Now I plan to add UiPathTeam.ServiceNow.Activities. There are few others, is this the correct one to use for Service Now.

I am quite new to UiPath, hence verifying to make sure I am not in the wrong direction.

Appreciate your help.


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