Query related to license

Hi ,
I am certainly new to UiPath and need clarity about t the kind of license i required for automation.
As of now i have the developer license for studio and it’s installed on my desktop.
I need to run the process in the vm which i am developing in the system machine.
what else is required as i need the bot to be unattended on the vm.
i have a vm and a studio license in my system.

  1. do i need a unattened bot license as well ?
    2.And if yes, how can i connect that unattended bot to my machine ,and what i have to install on VM for connection.
    Any help would be appreciated as it is really confusing

Hi @anchandela ,

If you want to run automation process in VM with Unattended mode, then you need 1 Unattednd license to do the same.

For configuration of Unattended robot please refer following documentation.
Robot - Deploying Unattended Robots - Enterprise License (uipath.com)

You either need

1 x On prem orchestrator and 1x unatteded robot licence


1 x UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot where it uses cloud Orchestrator and the cost is include in that of the Robot

Thanks for the help :smile:

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