Query on which Mail Activity would be best


I’m working on a project where I am required to send a large volume of emails. The emails should appear to be sent from a shared mailbox and if the mail is undeliverable, the undeliverable notice should return to the shared mailbox. The sent items folder should also be updated with anything the Bot sends.

Which mail activity is best for this? I’ve considered the following:

  • Send Outlook Mail: Seems to tick all the boxes but has been problematic when working with it in the past i.e. throwing errors, operations timing out.

  • Send SMTP Mail: Have used this successfully many times in the past. Can display whatever name and address necessary but does not save the sent item anywhere. Also does not seem possible to get undeliverable emails.

  • Send Exchange Mail: Same pros and cons as SMTP above.

Is Outlook Mail my only option here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pheyburn!

My suggestion is that you should use “Send SMTP Mail” and “Get IMAP Mail” activities to collect the sent and undeliverable e-mails as described in this post:

Hope it helps,
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Hi @Marcelo_Guimaraes

Thank you for your reply! One problem I have is that the emails are not showing in the ‘Sent Items’ folder so we have no record of which emails have been sent. Is there a property which would allow this? E.g. Logon credentials property or something similar?