Query on uipath academy certifications

Is uipath academy certifications level 1&2&3 are becoming paid after march 31st 2019 ?

Academy courses are free. No time limit.

Only Developer certification is limited time free. Extended till June end 2019.

@KarthikByggari … bro , thank you so much for giving clarity on academy courses .
but for developer certification
in this page " https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login " it is given that advanced developer certification is free until 31st March 2019 ! only
so is it like…
developer certification extended till 31st June 2019 &
advanced developer certification is free till 31st march …?

I guess it is not updated yet, however there was a announcement few days back on LinkedIn regarding extension till June 2019

@VirajN … oh cool , thanks for the reply bro … :slight_smile:

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