Query on Enhanced Robotics Framework


We are using Studio 2018.2.2 and implementing "Enhanced Robotic Framework.

We want to use orchestrator queues and not sure where [which xaml file/state] to add data to the queue in the path …\ServicesLayer\FirstRun… ?

And how to use/add data to variable TransactionItem (of type System.Tuple<String,Object>) and TransactionData (of type List <System.Tuple<String,Object>>) available in path …\ServicesLayer\FirstRun\ProcessLayer\GetSetTransactionData.xaml ?

I had gone through the documentation of “Enhanced Robotic Framework” available on link https://github.com/mihhdu/UiPath_REFramework but I did not find this information .


We got the same idea because but it is not documented anywhere. Could you confirm that we can implement Dispatcher in FirstRun Work Block of Enhanced REFramework and Performer/s in Tasks?


Hi @Nitin.varshneya and @swmsd

I would push the data to a queue here:

You don’t even need to use that inner framework, just replace it with the dispatcher one.

With this set in config:

Then you get your transaction item here:

And afterwards you can execute your actual process in the ProcessTransaction:

You don’t have to touch the Tasks just yet :wink:
(they allow you to nest frameworks within your ProcessTransaction.xaml one after another to create a framework-in-a-framework type of solution)