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Quick Query about the LogLevel Property in the Log Message Activity.
Currently using UiPath.System.Activities v19.10.1

A Practical use case for this property is being able to set logging levels for different logs throughout a process from an orchestrator asset - but i seem to be having difficulty converting any string or object types into the UiPath.Core.Activities.LogLevel Type.


typical conversion methods such as the type.parse or using cast are throwing errors.

errors for the loglevel type not supporting these conversions.

Is this a bug with the activity at the moment? or should i be setting the log level another way?

preferably i want to do something in a single assign, as having IF statements or a switch based on the value of an asset to assign my loglevel variable to e.g. loglevel.info just seems a little impractical.


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Have Look here:

we can get the loglevel names
we can retrieve from a string the speific log level


That’s Great! Works like a charm. Thanks ^^!

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