Query issue

I have a sharePoint contains some data so i read this through a Query sheet so the BOT can work, the issue is the query not refreshed somtimes with the refresh activity and it need to be refreshed manuelly because of the below message in the screenshoot


Hello @omar_ismail , This pops up because of data getting from another source of websites or sharedrive. Select/Check the Ignore Privacy Levels and try again. It may work.

it will work yes but the show up again so the BOT can’t refresh the sheet


  1. For sharepoint why not use office 365 activities? instead of UI activities?
  2. Even on ui…you can include a check app state to check for check box after search and if found check the box if not move ahead…or also can use a click on check box with continue on error property checked so that if exists will click else will move to next step

Hope this helps