Query in datatable for excel


How can i write this query “Select RowNumber from table where Colum1.Constains(‘a’) and Couln2.Contain(‘2’)” in assign variable.



@khalid You can query the same using filter datatable activity.
your result will be stored in the outputdt below

@Vinutha Thanks for reply.

I want to use that filter in for loop of data table. Based on that I need to write cell with that loop. I have use following query

(From dra As DataRow In DB1 Where Convert.ToString(dra(“BL Entity”)).Contains(StrSplitHitValue(7).ToString) And Convert.ToString(dra(“Source”)).Contains(StrCityValue.ToString) Select dra).ToArray


After writing column in excel. I could not open excel it is get corrupted. Please help in this.